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In the extremely competitive software market, with its continual downward price pressure, software developers face enormous difficulties on two fronts: the cost of service and software piracy. Both of these concerns are very negative for profitability and enterprise development. Clave2 is an ideal cost-effective dongle solution to these troublesome issues.

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Elite EL STD - 64K

The ultimate in dongle protection, based on an excellent chip (EAL 5+), Elite EL STD is ideally suited to demands of the highest level of dongle security for protecting high end products from piracy. The Elite EL STD is designed and manufactured to explicit manufacturing norms (ISO/IEC 10373, ISO/IEC 15408), formulated in accordance with international...

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Cod. n.: 0413

Elite EL Genii - 64K

The major difference between the Genii and other dongles is its super fine size, as thin as only two coins in thickness with a weight of a mere 2.8g. Holding the Genii in your hand, you can barely feel its existence. It is the best dongle option for company laptops and blade servers that for space reasons require extremely tiny dongles.

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Cod. n.: 0414

Elite EL RTC - 64K

Elite EL RTC is a hybrid of Elite EL STD and real-time clock. Its time calculation is driven by an internal clock which is battery-driven and sustainable for at least 3 years. Its unique design tackles license misuse by computer clock adjustment. It is an ideal dongle solution for license rental and trial management.

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Cod. n.: 0418

Elite SL STD - 64K

Elite SL STD is a strong licensing management dongle based on smart card technology. It is a high performance licensing control solution at an affordable price.  The smart card technology and license management mechanism provide a quick and easy protection implementation for rapid development and deployment.

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